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Throughout our history, Mount Vernon Baptist Temple has maintained a heart for the worldwide work of God. MVBT currently supports more than 60 missionaries who are taking the gospel of Christ throughout the world. These missionaries are supported through and sent by local independent Baptist churches. The members of MVBT have made the financial support of global evangelization a high priority, and the church’s missions budget grows each year.

In addition to foreign missions, MVBT is continually involved in helping to establish new independent Baptist churches throughout the U.S.

MVBT also conducts foreign mission trips to strengthen missionaries and national pastors and to establish churches on foreign fields.

Also, our annual missions conference in the fall helps our entire church maintain a heart for worldwide missions.

Shown below are many of the missions works MVBT supports. There are additional works not listed due to the hostile environment of the missionary’s field (e.g. Muslim controlled country, etc.)

Brown, Arza

Missionary to Hawaii

Burgett, Michael

Missionary to Japan

Celestial, Ricky

Missionary to Philippines

Chacon, Ivan

Missionary to Columbus, Ohio

Coblentz, Paul

Missionary to the Amish

Cosme, Joey

Missionary to Philippines

Crabtree, Scott

Missionary to the Deaf

Daku, Joel

Missionary to Kiribati

Daku, Paul Jr

Missionary to Fiji

Daku, Paul Sr

Missionary to Fiji

Daku, Scot

Missionary to Fiji

de la Fuente

Missionary to Philippines

Edmondson, B.

Medical Missions Outreach

Espinosa, Rusty

Missionary to Philippines

Fennell, Bill

Missionary with Worldview

Fielder, Ken

Missionary with Worldview

Finley, Stephen

Missionary to Ireland

Flores, Israel

Missionary to Philippines

Forney, Gary

Missionary to Canada

Fritz, Nathan

Missionary to Cape Verde

Gerasimof, J

Missionary to Alaska

Gritts, Tom

Missionary to England

Gutlay, Ronaldo

Missionary to Philippines

Hamilton, Terry

Missionary with Lighthouse Legal

Hinson, Michael

Missionary to Georgia

Holland, Todd

Missionary to Norway

Houser, Calvin

Missionary to Philippines

Houser, Carl

Missionary to England

Kirby, Joel

Missionary to South Africa

Lukas, Gary

Missionary to Siberia

Manuel, Jay

Missionary to Philippines

Maskey, Dave

Missionary to Nigeria

Mickey, Robert

Missionary to Kenya

Morlan, Derrick

Missionary to England

Overton, James

Missionary with Worldview

Reinhardt, Jason

Missionary to Peru

Riggs, John

Missionary to Zambia

Rogers, Wendell

Missionary to Rock of Ages

Rolston, Leroy

Missionary to Honduras

Rowland, J

Missionary with BCPM

Roy, Guilaume

Missionary to Canada

Siekbert, M

Missionary to Ghana

Smithey, Jamie

Missionary to Chile

Snode, Travis

Missionary to Ireland

Starre, Brian

Missionary to Greater Cleveland

Pregnancy Center

Pregnancy Crisis Center

Stone, Al

Missionary with Bearing Precious Seed Canada

VanHorn, Mike

Missionary with Wallace Legacy Foundation

Wheelock, Ken

Missionary to Moldova

Yeater, Bob

Missionary to Guatemala