Devotions for your soul are devotional Bible challenges, written by Pastor Joshua Lehman, to encourage and strengthen believers in their walk with Jesus Christ. Grow closer to God by spending time in His Word! Take the time to read the Scripture passage before you read the devotional and allow God to speak to your soul.

Standing Up for Jesus

Can you imagine being taken from your home and made a slave in a foreign land? Everything you have known is

Stifled Christian Growth

The Church at Corinth was one of the worldliest churches that we know of during the first century. They had

Struggling With Obeying God?

Have you ever struggled with your Christian walk? Has doing what the Bible says seemed to be boring and

The Compassion of Christ

The miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 is found in all four Gospel accounts. Yet, Mark gives us a complete

Thinking of Others

Jesus had given His disciples the power and authority to cast our demons, heal the sick and all diseases.

Total Sacrifice

Did you know in China, Olympic athletes are chosen when they are as young as six years old? From the time