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Breaking Through Anger

3 October 2021

Topic: Anger

Book: Mark, Proverbs

Today, we are going to discover the powerful truth of breaking the bonds of anger. According to the National Institute of Health on June 5, 2006, 7.3 percent (11.5–16 million Americans) experience “intermittent explosive disorder” in their lifetimes. This disorder is marked by episodes of unwarranted anger.

The challenge with learning how to break through anger is that this sin is so powerful that God did not give us one place in Scripture to explain it, define it, or overcome it. In fact, anger is such a huge hot-button issue that Scripture mentions anger more than 500 times in Scripture. The only emotion in the Bible more common than anger is love, and I don’t like to think of love as an emotion. Anger first appears in Genesis 4:5 with the murder of Abel. The last time it appears is in Revelation 19:15. Needless to say, it is something everyone struggles with and if you tell me you don’t you are either lying to me and yourself or you are dead.