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Breaking Through Depression

8 November 2021

Book: 1 Kings

Bible Passage: 1 Kings 19

We have come to a difficult season in the life of Elijah, the prophet. He stepped on the scene in Chapter 17 with a word that God would withhold the rain and a great drought would come.

In chapter 18, he won the great victory on Mt. Carmel, and through his intercessory prayer, God had ended the drought. But, as we see in the beginning verses of Chapter 19, circumstances of life can quickly change. We no longer see a valiant servant of the Lord, but a man fearing for his very life. He has come off the mountain of victory and found himself in the valley of despair.

No doubt we can all relate to Elijah in our spiritual journey as well. We have enjoyed the mountain tops of God’s grace and abundance and we have endured the valleys of doubt and despair as well. God has done great things among us in recent days, but if we aren’t careful, we too will find ourselves in much the same situation as Elijah.