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Breaking Through Your Past

5 December 2021

Book: Joshua

Bible Passage: Joshua 2

We will read the entire chapter of Joshua 2 today as we understand how to break the bond of our past. Of all the bonds that hold us back, this one seems to have a tremendous impact on us. More people struggle with their past than many of the other devices Satan uses against God’s children. Let’s read the passage together. Read Joshua 2.

Our account in the Word of God picks up with Joshua, the leader of Israel, sending out two spies to check out the land. The spies come to a house, but not any house. The house belongs to a harlot by the name of Rahab. This house makes sense. Strangers visiting a prostitute’s house would not cause any alarm. It would be normal business.

But, word comes that a couple of spies have come in and are in Rahab’s house. After some questions, Rahab lies to get the police off the trail, sends them on a wild goose chase, and makes a pact with the two men to save her and her entire family. This is an incredible account of God’s mercy.