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Building on Jesus Christ

2 January 2022

Bible Passage: 1 Corinthians 3:1-15

Paul is writing to a young church with many problems. When he says they are carnal, he is being blunt because they need to know it. They don’t need soft words, but powerful and direct words designed to get them uncomfortable and seek to resolve the problems. Their carnality stemmed from a desire to fulfill their owns lusts and live their own lives. It was causing major division within the church as we see in the first few verses.

After Paul addresses the carnality he begins to tell them how they should be living and he uses an analogy of building. He related this building to our lives and it is a wonderful way to explain our lives.

Every day we build our lives. Every day in the decisions that we make, we add walls, a roof, decorations, and more to our lives. We are going to continue with the analogy today.