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Complete in Christ

7 September 2021

Book: Colossians

Bible Passage: Colossians 2:8-15

As Paul closes his last thought from verse 7 being rooted and built up in Christ and abounding in Him and through Him in our lives, he turns his attention back to a word of caution. Remember, the first-century church at this time was facing a form of heresy known as Gnosticism. This idea of a higher level of knowledge is reserved for a select group of people and only a few possessed. It would leave out the masses, which wanted to attain this higher knowledge, but couldn’t grasp it.
I’m so thankful for the example of Jesus Christ who suffered the little children to come to Him and forbade them not. I am thankful for the example of Jesus who rebuked His disciples for trying to keep the little kids’ way. I’m thankful for the example of Jesus that he loves all people and died for the sins of the whole world, not just those who can arrive at a higher knowledge. I’m thankful for the simplicity that is in Christ.