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Consider Your Faith

19 January 2022

Book: Haggai

Bible Passage: Haggai 2:20-23

In these final verses, God presents a final challenge to consider our Faith. In order to fully comprehend the words we have read, we must be reminded of the context.

The Israelites had returned to Jerusalem after the long, seventy-year captivity in Babylon. The city and Temple lay in ruins. There was much work to be done and the task ahead was daunting to say the least. The memories of captivity continued to fill their minds and plague them with fear. It is evident that many of them wondered if they would ever complete the task ahead, and even if the work was really worth the effort. To be honest, the people had grown discouraged and weary in the work. They needed a word of hope and assurance to encourage their efforts. The Lord wanted them to consider their faith. If they were depending solely on their own abilities and that of others, then they would not prevail. However, there was a strength and power behind them that knew no bounds!

This final sermon is a call to wait faithfully and expectantly for the ever-imminent Day of the Lord, that day of judgment and redemption inaugurating God’s kingdom of righteousness. We have become a minority in an increasingly hostile world. The task ahead of us can seem overwhelming as well. Just as the people of old, we need a word of encouragement and assurance. We too need to consider our faith. We need to be reminded of the strength and power of the God we serve. We will surely fail if we are depending upon our own abilities, but with the help of the Lord, we can prevail.