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Death: The Only Way to Live

7 September 2021

Book: Colossians

Bible Passage: Colossians 3:5-11

After Paul encourages us to seek things that are above and set our affections on God and His desires, he turns to the negative. There are some people who do not like negative. There are some preachers who will never preach against sin, or on the doctrine of hell. They choose to focus only on the positive. Why? Because it makes people feel good. It is easier to draw a crowd with positive things. Yet, if we are going to be truthful to the Word of God, we must also focus on the negative things.
No amount of positive talk about health will cure a ruptured appendix or cancer. No amount of lecturing on beauty will produce a garden. The gardener will have to get out into the field and pull the weeds. In order to get the positive we must address and tackle the negative.
This is what Paul does in our passage today, he addresses the negative. Once we deal with the negative, we can live productive, God-honoring lives.