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Jesus’ Compassion & Our Infirmities

3 October 2021

Topic: Compassion, Jesus

Book: Luke, Mark, Matthew

It has been a very busy week for Jesus and the day has just begun. The Sabbath day began with Jesus entering into the synagogue, preaching with authority, and then proving that authority by casting out the first demon if His ministry.

Immediately after that event, Jesus and His disciples head to Simon’s house, probably for lunch. As good Baptists, it was a fried chicken dinner with mashed potatoes. We can read that in the Greek. Anyway, they arrive at Peter’s house and his mother-in-law is extremely sick. The Bible according to the Gospel according to Luke says she is sick with a great fever. Luke helps us see this is a very serious situation. It was not just a simple cold, but something extremely serious was raving her body and death was a very strong possibility.