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Life's Leadership Principles

Bible Passage: Ruth 2:4-9

Today, we will continue the beautiful dramatic account eternally preserved in God’s precious Word and once again focus on Boaz. Boaz is a powerful character in the Word of God. He is a type of Christ, an Old Testament picture of our Savior. He is important to know and understand. As we seek to be more Christ-like, we can look at these types of Christ and glean truths in how to live.
We will look at Boaz’s character today. As we look at his character I want us to consider life’s leadership principles. Boaz was a great man, he was a leader. We saw that, but today we will look at various character traits he shows. As we look at each character trait, I want you to consider your own character. Each trait we will see is important for each child of God to have.