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The Honor of Humility

22 September 2021

Topic: Boaz, Humility, Ruth

Book: Ruth

Bible Passage: Ruth 2:4-13

Today, we will focus our attention on Ruth as we look at the honor of humility. Though we have not done a character study of Ruth herself, she was a very humble person. We have seen this character trait in her every step of the journey.

Today, we are going to focus our attention on Ruth 2:4-13.

We are back in the fields with Ruth. At the beginning of our chapter, Ruth asked permission of Naomi to go and glean in the fields. She didn’t know where she was going but landed in the fields of Boaz, the rich landowner, and near kinsman to Ruth and Naomi.

Ruth has been toiling very hard from the morning, guessing shortly after sunup, until this time, which is probably around 11 o’clock. It has been perhaps 4-5 hours of hard work.

As Boaz arrives on the scene and greets his employees he takes notice of Ruth. Something about her is different. We don’t know exactly what it is, but she stands out among the rest. Boaz knows she is not one of his employees, but wow. There is the possibility that she is wearing clothes of mourning for he deceased husband Mahlon. Perhaps her facial features and hairstyle are not Jewish. Yet, the conversation Boaz and his manager have doesn’t focus on those differences, but on the hard work and humility of Ruth.