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The Providence of God: Boaz

1 September 2021

Book: Ruth

Bible Passage: Ruth 2:1-3

Apart from Ruth’s commitment to Naomi, this drama is a tragedy worthy of Shakespeare. Two widows have returned to Bethlehem—one a foreigner and the other, a woman who once had status in the community and respect throughout Bethlehem. Now, she’s destitute and impoverished. She expects to spend the rest of her life living on handouts.
Chapter two is where it all begins to turn around. Keep in mind that these are the days of the judges. There is no record of a priest or prophet providing biblical counsel. These aren’t easy days for spiritually-minded men and virtuous women to succeed. Yet, it is the days in which we find the beautiful historical account of Ruth and Boaz.
When we finish chapter two, most people may come to the conclusion that luck must have happened. In fact, the world would consider Ruth and Boaz lucky and the events surrounding their meeting amazing coincidences. The truth is for a believer living in any generation, and culture, there are no coincidences—there is no such thing as chance.
This chapter will reveal the invisible hand of God in the midst of ordinary, everyday decisions. There are no voices from heaven … no messages from angelic visitors … no visible signs reassuring them.
Today, we will focus our attention on verse 1, and look at the man of the hour, Boaz. A man who is not prominent throughout the Word of God, but is nonetheless a man worth taking our time and studying.
As we look at Boaz, I want you to keep in mind the providence of God in your life. God’s planning, God‘s purpose, God’s intricate details woven throughout your life to bring you to where you are today, to bring you to a place of service for Him.