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The Twelve Chosen

26 December 2021

Book: Luke, Mark, Matthew

Jesus has really ramped up His ministry and has openly attacked the Pharisees and their false traditions. He has destroyed the Sabbath rituals and declared Himself to the Lord of the Sabbath, knowing full-well He is declaring Himself to be God. It would be blasphemy if anyone else declared this for only God is Lord of the Sabbath.

Jesus has attacked their traditions of men. Severe persecution to the point where they are openly trying to kill Him. The Pharisees and religious leaders are not hiding their efforts, but seek to destroy Jesus completely. What’s amazing is Jesus has the ability to draw people together, even enemies. The Pharisees and Sadducees do not like each other at all, but they are working together to destroy Jesus. The Herodians have now joined the mix.

Jesus, knowing this persecution, withdraws Himself from the synagogue. We pick up the account in Matthew 12:15.