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What the Law Could Not Do

27 October 2021

Book: Ruth

Bible Passage: Ruth 4:1-8

Don’t you hate cliffhangers? Especially when reading a book in a series in which the next book has not ye been written? You have to wait months, or longer, to be able to continue to plot and storyline.

As we close the third chapter of Ruth we are faced with a cliffhanger. Boaz drops a bomb on Ruth. She comes to him with a marriage proposal, of which he accepts. Wahoo! Love is in bloom. However, there is a huge problem. Love isn’t the reason these two can be married. God’s Word requires the nearest kinsman be the redeemer, unless he chooses not to be or is unable to be the redeemer, and there is a nearer kinsman than Boaz.

“Hey Ruth, I’d love to marry you and provide for you. I’d love to spread my wings over you and protect you for all of your life. However, I can’t unless someone else refuses to marry you first.” Talk about a cliff-hanger. Talk about a possible plot twist.