Our enemy, the devil, has been very good at causing God’s children to live in bondage to a variety of items, from fear, worry, and anxiety, to anger and depression, to lying, theft, gossip, and more. These bonds hold us back from being who God desires us to be. As a result, we don’t live the life God says we have in Him.  For some, the bonds in which they live define them. It is who they are and they are scared to break through them. Others believe there is no hope of change.

The book of Ruth is such a wonderful book in the Word of God. It is full of so much practical wisdom and guidance. Yet, beyond the practical, it is one of the most beautiful love stories ever written. There is tragedy and death, pain and suffering, villains and foes, and of course, the hero and the damsel in distress. This is a beautiful love story. The book begins with the words, “Now it came to pass…” That sounds an awful lot like, “Once upon a time…” What an incredible start.

God has called us to be conformed to the image of His precious Son, Jesus. To do this, we must understand Who Jesus was and Who He is.

This study will take us through the Gospel records (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) chronologically. This study walks us through the life of Jesus Christ. We will walk with Jesus where He walked as He walked. As best as we can, we will travel with Christ, taking in the sites, understanding the history of the area and its importance. We will also see who Christ spoke with, and what He said.

Today we begin our study through the Book of Colossians. This book is a powerful book about our daily walk with Christ, but most importantly this book shows us that Jesus Christ is preeminent in all things and we are complete in Him.
That is the theme of the book: Jesus Christ is preeminent in all things and we are complete in Him.
Preeminent means “supreme, no one above him in rank or importance.” He is numero uno. He is King of kings and Lord of lords.
Complete in Him means there is nothing else you need. He is your all in all. He is your reason for living. As we go through this book together, I pray you will find this truth to be true. It is easy to say but another thing to live in this physical world we call life.